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Welcome to The OFFICIAL Elite good fellaz clan website  (eGF)

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 Still here 3/15/2016!!!



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EliteGF Is Based on Friendships and Gaming

We are for the professional and the casual player alike. 

We play to have fun and we play to dominate. 

Elite Good Fellaz Clan is a community of friends and gamers brought together by a common interest.

We have proven our stability since 2005, we are still here in 2012 and will be for the years to come.  

 Our brotherhood is built on a foundation of integrity , trust, respect, discipline, communication and friendships. 

 This clan isn't only about Call of Duty or any other game for that matter. We are brought together by a common Interest in gaming and friendship.

We dominate the competition because we work hard as a team; stay true to the game and to one another.

We are Enduring, we are strong, we are committed, we are Respected, We Are The Elite Good Fellaz! 

"Long after Call of Duty has faded out and gone, EliteGF will Remain, carrying on and staying strong."

If you're interested in becoming apart of EliteGF

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(Our Motto)

If you only want to be part of just a "Gaming Clan" then eGF probably isn't for you, because we are much more than that!

Join eGF on Xfire add: fury72 & cdrom1019

Email:  eGF.Fury@gmail.com

a.k.a Chris

New Members Applicant Password: LoyalGF

Above is a test to see if a new person wanting to join EliteGF has actually read our site to know what we are about. So, if you applying and you are reading this, then you are passing the first test. When you are asked what the "password is", you will have the correct answer.

Want to challenge eGF? Xfire or Email us.



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our servers live stream to pbbans and aon live!


Hackers Beware! 



See Our Matches Page

If you want to play in ladder matches follow these steps below.




  1. All players have to register at the MLG - Major League Gaming at http://gamebattles.com/
  2. Once you are at MLG Website, become a registered member. Check your email and confirm your registration.
  3. Email me your member name. eGF.Fury@gmail.com
  4. I will send you a invitation to the clan from MLG.
  5. That's it your done!

Note: The clan name in MLG is GoodFellaz Clan. Don't use your tags when registering just use whatever your COD name is on the site. This is important. (i.e eGF>yourname<-- just use Your Name) 

Also get x-fire at http://www.xfire.com/register/  and email that to me.




team work and commitment

Thanks to all the EliteGF Members For Making eGF Great Place to Be!

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