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Clan Rules


Below is basic guidelines to eGF's policy for membership. .

Failure to follow the rules may result in suspension or dismissal.

1. Do not disrespect members or visitors in our servers. If you have an issue bring it to a Admins attention. Do not take things in your own hands.

2. Do not slander another clan. This only causes deeper issues and displays inmaturity.

 3. Do not be in more that one clan. If you are caught wearing another clan tag you will be immediatly removed from eGF..Some Exceptions Apply - But it must be pre-approved period!

4. Racism of any type will not be tolerated in any degree, even if you're joking, others may not see it that way.

5. Dishonesty is not tolerated to any degree and will result in by being banned!

6. If you agree to attend a practice or match, you must attend or give days or more prior notice. This could also result in suspension. Your word is your bond.

7. If you have an issue with another clan member, please address it privately to Fury. Normally things can always be worked out. Sometimes it's a better to agree to disagree.

8. Hacking Is absolutley not tolerated! If you are caught hacking you will bring shame to yourself and your fellow clanmates. Being caught hacking will most likely result in immediate termination. Don't be a punk!

9. If you have Admin rights you are priviledged and expected to monitor the servers with maturity and keep our reputation as a good and fair clan. A admin is required to set a good example.

10. If you suspect a member or player of hacking, never openly accuse them. Bring it to a Admin or leaders attention.

11. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Show respect to each other or else do not expect to be respected by your fellow clan mates.

12. eGF Is based on friendships. We are a brotherhood. If you are only here to play and you barely maintain contact with anybody, this is not the clan for you.

13. Upon acceptance into eGF all members are required to subscribe to this website and our forums. See below 

14. Have fun & make friends, thats what the eGF community is about.


Requirements to join egf

To join eLiTeGF you need to have integrity, loyality, maturity, respect, and honesty.

 We DO NOT take clan hoppers!

Every applicant is reviewed and interviewed by at least one of the leaders and 2 or more members before being accepted. 

*Must be at least 15 years old. (Some exceptions do apply)*

*****Must Have Xfire! http://xfire.com/****

*********Add cdrom1019 and fury72********

*Must Have Teamspeak*

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If you have any problems with teamspeak email me at egf.fury@gmail.com


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