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             Ok guys...This is Broly.. I am taking over the machinima series. Like before, this series is completley original and i will need your help to make it.  here's what we need


This is the group of main characters in the series.. In this series. I want to have a balanced group of marines that serve as a special force for the US. In other words... When there is to much for the united states marines to handle... The President calls upon the services of the eGF Marines. so here's what i need

The Captain....

Heavy Gunner -Broly

Sniper - Tweeked

Demolitions - Shotta

Tactical person.  - Fudge

the captian can use a gun of his/her choosing while the heavy gunner will use either the m60, the saw, or the rpd, demolitions will use a shotgun and will most likely be equipped with C4, the sniper speaks for itself, tactical will most likely use an smg or assult rifle of his or her choosing.


The evil people in this series will consist of

Evil Leader - Deathwish

Henchman 1(deathwish's right hand man)

Henchman 2

and if needed Henchman 3

 Of Screen Chars..

 These are people like HQ that give the squad the orders...

To make this work well we will need at least 2 cameramen. This is the most important part!

 The characters will be using our game names as I find this as a great opportunity to get our name out.

Any questions?  xfire me or e-mail me at cdrom1019@yahoo.com


PLEASE CONTACT ME SOON IF YOU WANT THESE PARTS!  after finals i plan on making a teaser for this series to show what people have to look forward to at the turn of the year


If your going to be in the videos you will need the followig requirments: 

  •  You must have a mic to have your voice in the video
  • You must be on when a filming date is arranged
  • You must do what the directors say in the video no if/ands/buts about it



Position Wanted: 

Best Times:


Why would you be good at this part:

Will your personality fit with you desired character and why:

xfire (if yes tell me it):

Will you take time from playing to film:


Send Information to


 Must send information to both people or you will not make it. Everyone will know there positions once we got all the best people for the right parts in and you will find out if you made it or not a couple days before the first filming date