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Omegaz: 1st Place: 330 Points

Broly's Buddies: 2nd Place: 160 Points

match results

May 2nd Match           

Broly's Buddies vs Omegaz

Victor: Omegaz : 3 - 0

(Crash Screen Shot)

Match Summary 

Crash: 8-2 Omegaz

This was a good match, Broly's Buddies despite having little training put up a good fight, but doing tactics will definately make you tough competition.

Backlot: 11-2 Omegaz

Despite both teams having a man down we continued and played the match through. This is where Omegaz  tactics surely proved well. Nice Try B-Buddies.

Overgrown: 13-12 Omegaz

This was a very close match which went into overtime.  Nice job guys!

Official Points

Omegaz: 320 + 10 Bonus = 330 Total Points

Broly's Buddies: 160 Total Points